Most people go to LA to see "celebrities" but Arnold and I jet off to the lovely town of Atlanta. So far we're loving the friendly Southern hospitality and culture. On Wednesday we hung out at Centennial Olympic park and ran into an AWESOME free concert. If only, the free concerts in Sac were so jamming. I had to hold myself back from joining the people dancing on the lawn.

But back to celebrities.... Arnold and I are staying at the Omni hotel adjacent to the CNN center, so we've been hanging out with Anderson Cooper and Larry King... or, er, cut-out's of them. Close enough, right?

But for me, the real excitement was what we did tonight. We went to Season 4 Top Chef Contestant Richard Blais' restaurant. It was TV-come-true! I can't tell you how many nights Arnold and I sat around drooling over the Top Chef dishes and tonight we got to taste some. We had foie gras and sweet tea ice cream and confit! And I have to tell you, they did NOT disappoint... and whoa... speaking of not disappointing, as I type this we've been watching the women's gymnastics finals live! The anxiety has almost sent Arnold over the edge, he keeps poking me in excitement, but as I type.. Nastia Liukin has just won the Gymnastics Gold Medal and Shawn Johnson won the Silver! Jia-yo USA! I think Arnold might just feel a little bit prouder that next week he is going to become an American citizen... I mean obviously Anderson Cooper is excited about his impending citizenship ceremony.
Posted on August 14, 2008 and filed under Adventures in the World.