A long and winding Road

The map that Arnold is posing in front of is a map of the torch relay through China, but it's super-useful because it illustrates exactly how far we traveled across the country. For reference we started in Beijing which is in the North East side of the country and we traveled all the way to Kashgar which is the city that Arnold is pointing at. That whole Northwestern state is called Xianjiang and is home to the Uighur people who are a Chinese minority. The Uighurs have their own language, culture, writing system and are predominately Muslim. Em had some Uighur students and was interested in learning more which is how we ended up taking a trek through the desert. There were times when this was a little rough. Generally I don't want to leave hot Sacramento for somewhere hotter, but in the end it was a great experience. We learned a lot about Islam and what it's like to be a minority in China. Plus, in Xianjiang there were camels.. and lamburger, but more on that later... Arnold and I are jetting off for a work trip to Atlanta so we'll be watching the Olympics from a hotel next to the Atlanta Olympic village! Peace out!
Posted on August 10, 2008 and filed under Adventures in the World.