The Road to China

Since I got too lazy to blog about the China adventures while in China (preferring instead to gorge on dumplings) I'm going to try to blog everyday about China until I run out of stories. Warning: This could take awhile... it was a long trip....

Honestly my biggest concern about this trip was surviving the ten-hour plane ride. I tend to occasionally freak-out on planes and even though I have medicine I could take, I've never used it and would like things to stay that way. I think I mentioned previously that we had individual direct-TV's on the plane, which made the trip basically a long day at the movies, or a typical TV marathon at Casa Perez. It was totally cake! 10 hours later we arrived at Beijing airport... which is... WOW. The picture above is Debi standing in the airport, it's really beautiful! Apparently it looks like a dragon from the sky, I wouldn't know as it was very cloudy when we landed. You only get to arrive to a country for the first time once and it was really cool to arrive at Beijing airport. I think Arnold said it best... "I can't believe I'm here, even in my imagination I was never dreamed I could travel so far."

Pics Below: Time-lapse progression of our 10 hour plane ride... Who new instant noodles were so popular in China?

At Sac Airport. Feeling good!

Still Feeling good!

Upbeat but flagging

Refueling with Ramen

Struggling to stay in the Frame
Giving up

Posted on July 23, 2008 and filed under Adventures in the World.