July 2nd -3rd Beijing to Lanzhou

I think Lao Tzu said that a journey of 10,000 miles starts with one step(or something like that). Well that Journey to Lanzhou starts in Vancouver, Canada. I must admit that this long plane ride was the only part about this trip that I found stressful. Flying sometimes induces panic in me so I wasn't really looking forward to 11 hours worth of opportunity to panic. I got on the plane fearing the worst but then something wonderful happened... and that thing is called On Demand TV on an individual TV in front of your seat. Basically we watched TV for 11 hours. I personally watched, 2 movies, 5 TV shows and did "Airplane" yoga 5 times. It was awesome. Invigorated by our apparent success on he longest leg on the flight we arrived in Beijing very giddy. And I figured we were in China when the woman in back of me started literally pushing me off the plane. I was kind of miffed because I don't like being pushed.. but the benefit is that I do love pushing other people. So, in the end I decided it was positive.

And then... we were in the airport. The Beijing International Terminal is amazing. It is without question the most beautiful terminal I've ever been in. If the Chinese were trying to impress with their new terminal, they totally succeeded. It is sparkling clean with amazing architecture. I feel like seeing the airport itself could be a tourist stop.

Anyways, after minimal debacles, we made it to our connecting flight to Lanzhou. And now we're here with Emily. Lanzhou honestly seems very similar to Lebrija, Colombia, except that it's a big city, but the infrastructure so far seems very similar with the exception of course that everything is in Chinese. And speaking of Colombia, today something really exciting happened.... 15 hostages that have been held in the Colombian jungle for more than 6 years were rescued with in a totally insane spy-thriller rescue by the Colombian military. This was a huge success for the country and the peace process and shows that the guerrillas are losing power. You can read about it here...http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25499926/ A very lucky way indeed to start our first day in Lanzhou.

Post-script:  As we all know now.  A year and half later we found out that our son Elian was also born on this day, an amazing day indeed.

Posted on July 3, 2008 and filed under Adoption, Adventures in the World.