Family Fun

Last weekend was great. Not only did I get to run Bay to Breakers but I got to do it with my cousin Dan! <---Shown above flaunting his rubix cube prowess, but I digress. I hardly ever go back to Concord but this weekend Arnold and I stayed with the Wong family and hung out with my two Wilipino cousins Dan and Rob and my soon-to-be cousin-in-law Reese and my chinese cousin Justina. I have a special affection for Dan and Rob, not just because they are my only family members besides my brothers to share our Wilipinoness but also because we all grew up in Concord together, so I saw them the most. Also because they do funny stuff, which I can blog about later.

On Saturday night we all went out for Tortas, obviously hilarity ensued... because my family does funny stuff.

Waitress: What would you like to eat?

Dan: I'd like a burrito, without sour cream.

Then apprently Dan thought it's not enough just to order food, for some reason you need to explain your choices by stating your ethnicity, or at least part of it.

Dan: Yeah, uh, no sour cream.... I'm white.

Honestly, this would be weird enough to blog about. Certainly I understand giving people extraneous information, I myself love to talk, but I can safely say that I have never finished up an order by saying. I'm Wilipino. It seems that Dan got the Maghanoy gene that causes one to talk too much while ordering (my Dad has this too). Anyways, the best part is that the waitress who was sporting a VERY significant Mexican accent got in on the action with a whole lot of enthusiasm.

Waitress: What are you talking about? White people love sour cream! They LOVE IT. They love to eat it on their baked potatoes!!!

Seriously, it was hysterical, especially since with her accent and loudness, she was kind of going all Ricky Ricardo on him. "Whadarejewtalking about? "Deylovesourcreeeeeeeeem" I am almost fell out of my chair I was laughing hard. This only egged the waitress on. "Deylovedesourcreeeeeem!!!!" Then kicker was when Justina busts out her most authoritative "I'm an expert on the subject, I am a nurse" voice and said very seriously "It's true, they love sour cream." I can only guess that Reese was wondering what kind of lunacy she is marrying into.

Posted on May 21, 2008 and filed under Maghanoy Madness.