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Maghanoys and Modesty

Here's the thing, it's not secret that Maghanoy's are not modest people. I think the best man at my cousin Ron Ron's wedding said it best "Everything about Ron is big, his dreams, his goals and especially those ear (yup, RonRon and I both have BIG FAT AWESOME MAGHANOY EARS, but that's another story). My brothers both regularly tell me how awesome they are and don't get me started on the King himself, my GAD. No, seriously, I mean it, he oftentimes refers to himself as the "King" as in "I am the King of this Castle". Sometimes he just compliments himself for no reason, for example "My feet are perfect." So, you can see why I seem to have as Renee puts it "irrationally high self-esteem", it's a family trait.

It may seem silly, but I actually think that it is a very positive thing, this Maghanoyish Immodesty. It is not so much that we think other people suck but that we think we are AWESOME. And, seriously, if you don't think your awesome, don't fool yourself into thinking that other people will think it for you. They won't, they are too busy doing one of two things.

1) Wallowing in narcissistic low self-esteem "Poor me, blah, blah, blah" 2) Wallowing in narcissistic hubris. "Everyone is beneath me."

Do yourself a favor and take the Maghanoy middle ground. Here's an exercises that Maghanoy's indulge in quite frequently. Take your name and insert and adjective. Ex. "My name is Sonia Awesome Aujla" or "My name is Justina Wonderful Wong". Fun, huh!!! That's right, don't be shy, get your Maghanoy on! "My name is Alec Yowza Young!" "My name is "Jessen Lovely Langley"

Alright, good work peeps. Class dismissed.

Posted on April 23, 2008 and filed under Maghanoy Madness.