Dream Big

A little while ago, I was in a job situation that was very stressful. I like to call this period "Cymbalta Emily" not because I was taking Cymbalta but because I would watch Cymbalta commercials and spontaneously burst into tears. Well, in addition to Cymbalta commercials I watched a lot of other tv because tv numbs your soul against troubles. It is like free Cymbalta for low-grade non-clinical depression.! Anyways I was watching tv in some hotel room somewhere in the US (aforementioned job required a lot of travel) and I found this awesome CNN show called the "Big Idea with Donny Deutsch". The whole show is about telling the story of how people have become successful. The first episode I watched talked about how Matt Lauer was fired 3 TIMES before he got hired for The Today Show. Obviously this story had a lot of appeal for me as I was contemplating my employment situation. Anyways, since that night I have always liked to hear about people's journey to success, whether it be in career or whatever. Now that there is absolutely no way around describing myself as an adult my peers are starting to make names for themselves. One of my high school friends is dating a guy who invented a website and sold it for 37.5 million dollars! Since we don't know him personally, we call him the 37 and a half millionaire. (Hey, I said I am an adult, I didn't claim to be mature!) So, what's with the contemplation on success? Most of you know that my cousin(sort-of) Randy invented a very cool coffee machine. Well, today Starbucks bought his company! I mean, some people can only imagine inventing something like that! It's huge! And it has me inspired, we should all be passionate and dream big like Randy did. He is obsessed with coffee but like five years ago he didn't even care at all about coffee at all and look what he did with hard work and passion!

You don't need to invent a coffee maker or be a 37 and a half millionaire to be successful, you can think big in any way. Run a triathlon(Ahem, Sage) Learn to paint. Ask that guy out! Switch careers. Become an artist, go to chef's school! Whatever it is you are really excited, just go for it! Congrats Randy! We are proud of you and thankful for the inspiration!!!

Posted on March 19, 2008 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.