Unwelcome Roomates

When we bought a house, I knew that maintaining it was going to be annoyingly expensive. Since we've bought the house I've contracted many services that I have not previously had to deal with, arborists, plumbers etc. However one expense that I never imagined writing a check for was.... dum, da, da dum! Skunk trapping and removal services.

That's right, courtesy of the Enchanted Forest that is our backyard, we now have our own residence skunk that lives underneath our house, our deck or somewhere. For reasons that should be very clear to anyone who has seen Looney Tunes, it is inadvisable to go looking for skunks. But we can hear him skittering around and of course there is the lovely eau de skunk permeating every corner of Casa Perez.


Anyways, for a long time we were unsure of whether it was really living under our house until Arnold confirmed a skunk sighting this morning. Eyewitness Arnold reports "He walks funny, like he's been out drunk, partying with the ladies all night." Arnold then did a jaunty little dance to illustrate.

Thanks to the wonder of the information superhighway I found out that you can pay the Sacramento Wildlife Commission $20 to trap and remove your skunks. Until their eviction though I think he should get a name?

I"ll open it up to the masses? What should or skunk be named?

Posted on February 12, 2008 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.