Sunny with light showers?

The weather today is a little strange, rainy and sunny. Not that I'm complaining, as you can see above, it's nice and bright in the house which is awesome. The kitchen is only somewhat related to this post in that I am going to solicit advice about food. A certain friend of mine (ahem, Sara) has pointed out that I am a bad American wife because after almost 10 years in this country Arnold has yet to be introduced to a plethora of American food traditions. When Sara brought over pop tarts and Arnold said "What are pop tarts?" she declared me a lost cause. Which, well is true... but in my defense I am a good Filipino-American wife, Arnold can successfully identify bibingka, turon, pancit and adobo. Next up on the Fil-Am list is Kare-Kare, but I digress...

I am now on a mission to fulfill my duties as an American citizen to expose Arnold to "traditional" American food. Today I made pigs in a blanket, Arnold thought I was making up the name. "No, seriously, that's what they are called "Pigs in a blanket!"

So help me think peeps, what other "American" foods do I need to "cook"(a relative term considering the whole pop tart fiasco) for Arnold? Sometime in this next year he will probably become a citizen so I would hate for him to be sworn in without fully experiencing the culinary traditions of our great land.

Posted on January 27, 2008 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.