Winter Wonderland!

Sometimes I myself can't believe the life I believe. I mean seriously, I really somehow live within our budget, but way, way above our means. This weekend Arnold and I were invited to celebrate our friend Brie's 29th birthday weekend... in Tahoe... at a lake front house. Did I mention the picture above was the view from our window? It was so much fun. Brie is a wonderful person and it was awesome spending time with her and her friends. Fun fact. She was one of the official witnesses at our wedding, that's pretty much as VIP as you can get.

But I digress... some highlights from the long weekend...

We went snowshoeing (Arnold famously hates the snow, but it seems like this weekend changed his mind) A picture is worth a million words, right? He proclaimed snowshoeing "Not that bad" and has decided he wants to learn to ski. Uh, oh... look out!

We used chains for the first time. (Well, Arnold did, I just sat in the car)

And we found out it only takes 10 people 45 min to push our car up a very icy hill. Hmmmmm.... to borrow a phrase from the Spice Girls. Girl Power!

Also, it seems that vacation requires cake. I think we had about 10 "cake breaks" this weekend, it seems that the Seattle cake break trend is becoming a phenomenon. Look for an article in Bon Apetit next month "Cake break, and 10 more tips for traveling"

Posted on January 21, 2008 and filed under Adventures in the World.