They say the darnedest things...

On Saturday we threw an engagement party for our friends Dan and Lisa. Dan's house burned down a few months ago so it's awesome that now they are celebrating some good news. Anyways, in semi-related news...Arnold has this really cute(uh, I mean v. manly) green jacket that he wears all the time and gets lots of compliments on. He was wearing this jacket during the engagement party and during the accident last year. Even though he broke bones in the accident, somehow the jacket emerged unscathed. Weird, right? Anyways, now we call it the "I got hit by a car jacket". I know, I know, we are sick people. Anyways, after the party we sat around with Dan and Lisa talking...

Lisa: Nice jacket, Arnold. Me: We call that the "I got hit by a car jacket" because he was wearing it when he got hit. Lisa: You guys are weird. Arnold: I got it at the Gap, it's probably made in China and lined with lead.

and then Dan said

"I'm wearing "My house burned down underwear."

Lisa: That is way too much information.

Congrats Dan and Lisa!!!

Posted on January 14, 2008 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.