Colombians are Crazy-Seattle edition

Well, one of my favorite people in the world is my cousin Sage who lives in Seattle. She is the mother of the previously mentioned Dora and Bison, this feat alone has made her a superstar. Anyways Sage has a lot of great qualities, but one of the many reasons I love her is that she reads my blog. It makes me feel famous when I call her and she has read things I've written. Or if not famous, maybe not crazy, like a crazy cat lady who "blogs". Anyways Sage and her husband Randy, my "conprimo?" read the blog and shared with me a great addition to the "Locombia" files. Some background first: Randy is very cool and owns an industrial coffee maker company. Seriously! It's very cool. Well anyways, these industrial coffee makers are quite expensive, we're talking in the 5 digits here. So it's not really a product one keeps in the house. Well one day, a customer walks in to the factory and buys a coffee maker, which is normal, I guess. But he pays in CASH! Which obviously is not normal. And of course.... this person was... wait for it..... yup you guessed it!


Always! It's always the Colombians. When I see that there is a drunk driver who drives down the Spanish steps in Rome. I know "Yup it's a Colombian" and when I see that there is a goat born with 10 legs. I know "Yup, sounds like Colombia" and when someone wanders into a factory to pay for a high-end coffee maker with a fat envelope of cash. It only follows that it would be a Colombian.

They're everywhere making the world a stranger, weirder, more magical place.

Posted on December 12, 2007 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.