Indulgence Continues

As I continue down my last two weeks of "vacation" I am still enjoying myself IMMENSELY! Last night, as part of my 2007 New Years Resolution to be less cheap about having fun we went to go see (drumroll....) So You Think You Can Dance. It was really fun! One of the dancers is both a ballroom dancer and a lawyer. I think this is unfair. One shouldn't get to be good at more than one really challenging thing. Also she's like 28, which is pretty old for a dancer, which I also find reason to be jealous.

Other than that, Project "Vacation" has not been very exciting for the outside world. This is mostly owing to the fact that I get to sleep WHENEVER I WANT TOO! It is so wonderful. It has also greatly improved my mood, a fact that I am sure Arnold would heartily attest too.

Anyways, I do now have a firm job offer in hand (Yay!) so indulgence won't be going on forever, but I do plan on enjoying myself for the next two weeks. Ideas anybody?

Posted on November 25, 2007 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.