People pleaser

Today I met the former owner of our house. He came by to visit and told me a lot about the forest in the backyard. I now know that our backyard has prize-winning Camellias! And that the pine tree in the front yard is an extremely rare variety. Alas I forgot to ask him about the headstones in the backyard thing. But I digress.... I was nervous to let him in the house because we changed some parts a lot and you never know how people are going to feel about stuff like that... but he was awesome. He looked at the house, and said "Ohhh, it looks so wonderful and bright!" I am in some ways quite a people-pleaser (family members please stop laughing  in disbelief) so, basically that compliment made my day! I was afraid it was going to be like this HDTV cable show in which this octogenarian came back to his old house after it was sold and redecorated and said "This looks like sh*%^&//1" Seriously? I didn't know that 80+ people were allowed to swear! I must talk it over with my octogenarian buddies.

Posted on November 20, 2007 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.