Model Cookbooks

I have somewhat of a small obsession with TV chefs. I spend long hours watching them chop, mix and talk wordily about food. My current favorite chef is Nigella Lawson... I like her because she is both decadent with her food and unabashedly verbose about her food descriptions. Plus she has a fantastic British accent and says things like "snaffle up avocados". Embarrassingly, I seem to only like the insanely beautiful TV chefs which I admit is quite shallow of me. I decided today that I love Padma Lakshmi, not just because she is beautiful (see shallow comment above) but because she dedicated three pages in her new cookbook to extolling the virtues of bacon. I really love bacon. Also I don't like ugly cookbooks. I am the sort of person who wants it all. I don't just want good, cheap, easy to cook recipes. I want them compiled in a book with full color pictures, preferably for 50% off. Mmmmm

Posted on November 18, 2007 and filed under Bossy Pants Recommends, Nothing to Do with Anything.