NASCAR Rocks. Who knew?

Wow... and... wow! Uhm, I am not sure how to sum up my time in Concord, NC except to say... BEST WEEK EVER! Usually when I work an event it's not really as fun as it sounds, I spend the day hauling heavy stuff around and talking to strangers while a thousand emergencies pop up. So... truth be told I wasn't really looking forward to the NASCAR race, but I gotta say, it was LEGEN-wait for it-DARY. The highlights...

1) Racing is v. cool, I've never thought of myself as a fast car -kinda girl, but when you see 43 cars rounding the bend at 180+ mph you can't help but get into it, the sound alone is amazing. It sounds exactly as if you are in the middle of a Star Wars space-dog-fight scene. If you go down by the track, it kind of shakes your insides up it's so loud.

2) I wasn't outside, I was in my company's luxury suite. I've noticed that these kind of perks are generally only available to people who are already rich enough to afford them so I was pretty blown away to be able to get in... there was another staff member there who also hails from the lovely city of Pittsburg, CA and we were kind of in awe. "How do two girls from Pittsburg end up in a luxury suite?"

3) I got to go down to the Pit and the garages which is the middle of the track where you can see the crews changing the tires and the drivers getting into the cars. Even though I had pretty much no idea who anybody was, it still makes you kind of starstruck.

4) I got to go IN A CAR! I can't believe I did it, I got to do 3 laps around the track with a driving instructor at 180 mph! It was AMAZING! If you ever get the opportunity I highly suggest it.

5) I met some cool people. For whatever reason I have always loved protocol and symbolism. I am the kind of person who loves Catholic masses because it is so rigidly structured. Where is this going? Well, as all 150,000 of us stood for the National anthem I confessed to the guy standing next to me that I am kind of dorky and totally love this ritual stuff. He leaned over and whispered "Sometimes when I hear the national anthem on tv, I stand up in my living room".

Awwwww... isn't it nice when you find a kindred spirit?

Posted on October 15, 2007 and filed under Adventures in the World.