Backyard Surprises

Well now that the tree is gone we've noticed some things in our backyard, like how we have more sunlight and headstones.... yup you read that right, headstones. Arnold disturbingly turned over one of the large granite slab/stone type pathway things that we have in our backyard only to find it engraved with someones name and the dates of their lives 1800-19something. Seriously, I am not even making this up. As I sat there looking at a gravestone, wondering if there are people making their final resting place in our backyard I thought "Seriously?"

Luckily, my neighbor stopped by today to chat and allayed my "totally weirded out by headstone vibe" by saying "Don't worry, the prior owner was a little weird, he probably saw them as leftovers or rejects at a granite store, thought it was funny and bought them" Seeing as I found a different gravestone with totally improbably dates and a totally different last name on the other side of the yard, I am hoping that this is true. I wish I could say that I think this is weird, but after Mexican jumping beans, the squirrel fiesta, the raccoon and the general chaos that is my life lately, headstones in the backyard are the least of my worries.

Posted on October 7, 2007 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.