The One where I ramble

I got a new palm pilot and I feel refreshed and organized. Now instead of being left to my own devices in this cold, lonely world I have my little computer to tell me what to do... I know this makes me a little like a Stepford Wife in an Orwellian fantasy-tragedy, but c'est la vie.... at least I can remember to get stuff down now. Riiiiiiiiiight? Also, my commenters have cracked me up lately. Keep up the good work guys!

Quote of the day-Phone Convo

Me- What's up chicken butt? How you doin? Renee - I'm eating bacon. Obviously, I am awesome. Me- True that my friend, true that!

If you love bacon, and really, who doesn't? I highly suggest going to VooDoo donuts in Portland. There you can get a bacon maple bar. I know it sounds disgusting, but keep an open mind. Maple and bacon are the perfect sweet and salty treat.

Posted on September 30, 2007 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.