Birthday bash!

Well, as everybody at work knows, I am kind of narcissistically into my birthday. Actually that's not true, I used to be all low-key about it, until one year everybody but Arnold forgot about my birthday... seriously, like every single person I know. Needless to say I had a minor breakdown. Sooooooooooo, now I hype it up to avoid such disappointments. This year more than ever before because I'm marketing my birthday because I'll be celebrating it in St. Louis far from my friends, family and most importantly my best birthday cheerleader Arnold. So I was v. excited this weekend that I got treated to not 1 but 2 birthday meals in one day.
I think I gained 25 lbs.
First Justy i.e. "best friend ever", took me out to a wild meal involving calamari and afternoon martinis. The waiter helpfully pointed out that it was noon when we started with the martinis so that doesn't make us alcoholics...
Anyhoo... although in retrospect we didn't actually eat that much food, we were still at the restaurant for something like 3 hours. I also found at that Justy actually reads my blog! I was really excited about that, even if she did make fun of me for posting about my aspiration to be "the one who cooks" and then pointing out that nobody I know really cooks, so it shouldn't be that hard to brand myself that way. Hummpph!
Such offenses are easily forgiven though with some apple cobbler.
Then... my Gma really came through when she took us all out to... DUM DA DUM! DRAGON 2000! As everybody know, I LOVE the DRAGON! With Gma and Justy, it was a PAR-TAY! Plus, finally I had someone on my side since my "South American" relatives Arnold and Gma like to gang up. Justy pointed out that since we are both Asian, we also could be our own ethnic enclave. To that I say H to the Yes! All in all it was a really fun Saturday. Thanks for a great birthday my favorite East Bay ladies!
Posted on September 9, 2007 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.