Tales from Locombia Pt. 3

Okay, this story was actually not brought back by Arnold but by some other friends of ours. Last night we went to visit some friends who coincidentally been in Colombia at the same time as Arnold. Our friends wife is Argentinean and it was her first trip to Colombia so of course I said "How did Paola like Colombia?" and Carlos her husband said "She's still there." Which of course inspired a big 'Wuh-huh?" from Arnold and I. "She forgot her green card so she couldn't come back!" said her husband quite calmly.

This was beyond my comprehension. I stared and stared at everybody trying to determine if this was a story everybody was making up for fun. I lost the staring contest. Poor Paola.

Apparently Paola became a resident quite recently and has always traveled previously with her passport/visa, so when they got to immigration on the trip back she and Carlos realized her mistake in what sounded like a hysterical exchange.

"You didn't tell me!" "What do you mean you didn't bring your green card?" "You didn't tell me!" You didn't bring you green card!?!" "You didn't tell me!"

So, the end result is that she is still in Colombia staying with his relatives while her green card is being DHL'd to her. Hopefully she can get back soon.

Arnold took the opportunity to remind me that I almost lost my passport not once but twice in Bogota's El Dorado airport. The second time I dropped it on the floor which surely would've resulted in some kind of Tom Hanks-Terminal type situation for me, had Arnold not seen it out of the corner of his eye through some kind of freakish "Must protect my ditsy wife" special power.

The lesson kids? Always, always, always keep your documents close when traveling.

Posted on August 16, 2007 and filed under Adventures in the World.