Stories from Locombia Pt. 1

Apparently there at some point was a crime wave of cell phone thefts in Lebrija, the small town where my Colombian family lives. This has led to many an interesting story... but first a little background. 1) In Latin America landlines are very expensive. You have to pay by the minute and it's not cheap. So everybody has a cell phone instead.

2) Selling cell phone minutes is an easy way to make a 5 cent profit or so, so lots of people including my family buy a few cell phones with plans and then sell the minutes to people who do not have their own phones or do not have one on them at the time.

So anyways there was a "big crime wave" although "big" is relative seeing as Lebrija is like population 1000. My sister-in-law Nydia was one of the victims, lucky for her though, someone had been eyeing the thief suspiciously so when he did swipe her phone and run this bystander chased the guy, tackled him and then... whipped out a GUN! He makes the guy walk back to Nydia and forces him to return the cell phone at gunpoint. So Nydia takes the phone back with the gun to the thieves head. Then they call the police. At this point the hysterical thief starts pleading with them not to call and offering to pay them off. Of course his payoff was like a dollar or something, not very much, even by Lebrijense standards. When the police got there, they were like "You should of just took what he offered, it's the same as bond"

Lebrija's justice system at work my friends!

More cell phone drama to come....

Posted on August 13, 2007 and filed under Adventures in the World.