Tag you're it.

I just found out about blog tag, someone tags you(in this case Rachel) and you have to fess up some weird stuff about yourself. Essentially I do this on the blog all the time. :) 1) My new thing is "NO RINSING". Obsessed with the idea that my new dishwasher can wash without the dishes being rinsed for I refuse to let my friends Rinse the dishes when they come over. Arnold broke the rules the first night, setting a v. bad example for everybody else. Still... I am v. strict. NO RINSING!

2) I have v. stretchy ear lobes. I mean really stretchy, they are kind my stupid-human trick. Also when I was a kid apparently my ears were quite sticky out and my GAD wanted to clip them! Seriously!

3) "Ridiculous" is something I am saying compulsively at this point. I blame it on So You Think You can Dance. I am going to start saying "Redonkulous" instead, I find it amusing and it bothers Sara a lot, which gives me joy.

4) I looooooooove sleeping in fancy hotels. Send me to a W Hotel and I will stay in bed all day long. Unfortunately I am only at fancy hotels when I am traveling for business, seeing as I cannot afford fancy hotels on my own means. When one travels for business I think it is frowned upon to stay in bed all day so I haven't been able to fulfill this particular fantasy yet. One day... when I'm a rock star.

5) I kind of hate going out. I love BEING out, but the effort to leave the house is almost monumental. Although Arnold is much quieter and reserved than I (generally speaking of course) he is actually the one who makes me leave the house, reminds me of my obligations to attend friends parties etc. So there you go, I might be collapsing with joy all over everybody when I go out, but I guarantee you that a 1/2 hour before this scene Arnold was probably dragging me out of bed whilst extolling the virtues of leaving the house. "C'mon honeycita, it will be fun!"

Alright, have a I completed my tagging duties?

In Locombia news, it seems that my sweet little nephew is holding the house hostage with his tears. Arnold reports that he is "very cute" but that he cries a lot. When I call him, he whispers at me as if he is a member of the CIA. "Can't talk.... too.... loud... baby... is.... sleeping." It is v. funny. I sense that Arnold is a bit afraid of Sebastian as well which I admit is normal when they are still so very tiny. It probably doesn't help that Sebastian reportedly kicks violently when he is held by his uncle. Hee hee!

Posted on August 3, 2007 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.