La cu-ca-ra-cha

So yesterday I thought squirrels were throwing stuff off the roof, but it turns out upon further inspection that I had some kind of... I kid you not... Mexican jumping bean in my dining room. It was crazy the thing was throwing itself all over the place making a racket. I never did get a good look at it but I did put a bowl over it since it was driving me absolutely nuts. Arnold would not approve, he says if I am going to kill bugs I should smash them not suffocate them under bowls. Poor little jumping bean is on the other side now probably and I do feel bad but... oh well, that's what you get if you make too much noise in my house. In other, far more exciting news, my mother-in-law (who still does not know that Arnold is going to surprise her on Monday) called to tell us that Nydia(my brother-in-laws wife) was heading to the hospital to give birth. So now the baby watch is on! Although I am really feeling for Nydia because she went in last night at 12 and now at 12 noon Santander time she apparently hasn't entered into really intense labor yet... I'm guessing... I didn't understand what my MIL was saying but that's okay, when the baby comes I'll probably get the gist of it. :) Until then, I am counting the minutes until I officially become an aunt! I can't wait for my little sobrino to meet his crazy gringa tia Emily!

Posted on July 29, 2007 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.