Cocina Perez - Beauty Makeover

Normally after a visit from my parents I would be busy recapping the visit by regaling you with tales of bizarre incidents precipitated by their arrival, like how my Mom somehow ripped a $10 bill in half trying to buy some french fries or how my Dad... well some stories should just stay within the family. Anyways, I have not been dutifully blogging but instead I've been alternating between moping, eating sushi and going to see Les Miz. (Les Miz!) To make it up I'm going to do my best to post some pics this week. :) Here's some before and after of our kitchen where my parents and Arnold worked their magic. I of course didn't really help... directly... someone has to bring home the bacon... even if my Dad is the one who ended up frying it. Before Dad's magic...

During.... what a happy worker!!!

And the grand finish!!!

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