Nola Part 2

The tricky thing about being here is that neither of us was ever here pre-Katrina so we don't really know if the city looks different or feels different. Also we are not visiting areas that were hardest hit. I have noticed  a lot of freshly painted buildings, I wonder if that's because they were stained by the water in the floods? According to our awesome Pakistani cab driver, I say Pakistani specifically because I asked him if he was Indian. Arnold was laughing his ass off seeing as India and Pakistan are like total enemies. The cab driver was nice about my faux pas, that's why he is "awesome Pakistani cab driver". Anyways, actually he was awesome cause he told us all about New Orleans, New Jersey and Pakistan. According to him he feels that people in New Orleans were a lot more exuberant pre-Katrina. Today we had an alligator sausage-shrimp cheesecake and charbroiled oysters. Quite frankly, both were freaking amazing. Also I tried a hurricane, it was okay. Things I love about New Orleans:

1) The FOOD 2) The beautiful architecture 3) The friendly people and their cool accents 4) There is music everywhere 5) The concierge at our hotel 6) Beignets, beignets, beignets 7) The Mississippi river, it is not that pretty but mesmerizing never the less.

Things that are surprising about New Orleans:

1) Not as many people have accents as i thought 2) The food in the French quarter is really expensive 3) Pope John Paul the II came here 4) 80% humidity is not as horrible as it sounds 5) There was a huge boat that ran into a mall once, very strange 6) It seems very similar to Cartagena, Colombia

Things that I do not like about New Orleans: 1) The porn on Bourbon Street 2) Voodoo-enough said, freaky, freaky 3) Taxi drivers who almost kill us on the way from the airport

If you do decide to visit NOLA, I highly recommend it, remember to eat at...

Cafe du Monde - for Beignets, eat there every day Jacques-Imo - So good, that's where we had the alligator Dragos-the charbroiled oysters were out of this world

Honestly, we haven't even scratched the surface of this city but those are my favorites so far.

Laterz y'all!

Posted on June 26, 2007 and filed under Adventures in the World.