Live from NOLA

So we've just completed day 1 in NOLA where Arnold and I are now for a work conference. And I have to say, it's very unusual, the humidity hasn't been as bad as I expected, but it does really tire one out quickly. While the plane was landing last night I got this creepy feeling as I imagined the city submerged under the flood waters, I guess that's the spookiness that accompanies places where great tragedies have occurred. The fact that we flew in at 1:30 a.m in the morning probably added to the ambiance. But anyways, I have to say that new Orleans so far kind of reminds me of Latin America, it has interesting history, kind people and lunatic taxi drivers, speaking of which... I was seriously afraid that our taxi driver was going to kill us on the ride to the hotel, both in the "Maybe he might be evil sense" as well as the "ohmigod he is driving off the road" sense. Normally I would attribute this to my innate wusineses, but when we got out of the car Arnold said "I thought we were going to die."Homicidal taxistas aside we had the opportunity to walk around a little today and saw the French Quarter, Cafe du Monde etc. The French Quarter is beautiful, it's picturesque, full of awesome restaurants, balconies overflowing with flowers and colorful characters. My one exception to my glowing praise is Bourbon street, Bourbon street was a libidinous cesspool, and I don't mean libidinous in that fun "woo-hoo party" way, I mean it was libidinous in that disgusting pornographic way. I walked all the way down to give it a fair chance, but honestly it was just really, really gross. So there ya go, that's the review so far!

Food and beautiful buildings. Good! Bourbon street and lunatic taxi drivers. Bad!

Posted on June 24, 2007 and filed under Adventures in the World.