Bison Bursts into the World

Breaking News!!!

I just got word from my Gma connection that one more has been added to the familia! Apparently Dora's life has been changed forever as yet another great-granchild has been introduced. Very exciting indeed! And an awesome excuse for a trip up to the Pacific NW! Congratulations to my cousin and loyal commentator Sage! Here is my excitement level about this news! This is the "Congratulations Sage, Randy and Dora" dance!

In other not-as-exciting-but-still-fun news Arnold and I have a temporary addition to our family, my cousin's dog Anubis has been our first houseguest. Of course he is sleeping outside, which is not something that other houseguests will have to do... seriously, I promise. :) Anyways, it is very strange, three weeks ago Arnold and I were hysterical students living in a 10000 degree apartment and trying just to make it thorugh finals. Now we are homeowners blissfully spending our weekends cooking, cleaning, watering lawns and walking our temporary dog. V. strange indeed.
Posted on June 17, 2007 and filed under Uncategorized.