Per the request of a certain cousin I am going to start posting pics of THE HOUSE! I think we are going to do it before/after style just to keep it interesting. Also I suck at taking pictures so it's fully possible that none of these pics will look like anything interesting. Before - This is the "Master" bedroom, not particularly horrible but the wallpaper was starting to peel off the wall and it just wasn't our taste. Justina was extremely offended by the wallpaper. I think that she was shooting it looks of disgust behind my back. This wallpaper got more than dirty looks when it took three of us five hours to take it off!

After - We painted the walls "Sturdy Brown" a decidedly un-sexily named color but I wanted the wall to serve as a frame for the amazing picture window. Also painting the walls brown is part of my plan to get Arnold to let me use girly colors in the rest of the house. This was our first experiment in painting and now we've learned.... painting is not easy. And when I saw "we", I mean "Arnold" because I gave up on painting after about 5 seconds. Apparently I am not meant for work that requires patience or attention to detail... or hard physical labor.

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