Wallpaper supersucks

Headline courtesy of Arnold who has taken a sudden interest in the blog.

As promised here is the first of a series of boring posts about our new house/obsession. Freed of the regimen of Grad school Arnold and I are commemorating Memorial Day by participating in the American Dream of Homeownership, primarily ripping wallpaper of the walls. And I don't know if words could express how much wallpaper "supersucks" We have been ripping for two days now and although most of the crap is gone stubborn little ribbons are clinging near the sideboards, and then of course we discovered a whole wall of it hiding behind the refrigerator. I swear the stuff is as bad as gremlins. At one point I was afraid it was going to start jumping off the wall and choking us in order to protect itself.

However this whole debacle has not been without its benefits. As we ripped off the wallpaper we found some scribblings left by the previous homeowners. Now we never had the opportunity to meet the former owners of our house but we do know that his name is Rod and according to the scribbles on the wall he was much-loved. :) One of the scribbles was actually dated 1981, the year the former owner bought the house and marks the height of someone named Geoff, a child I would presume based on the height. Above this mark was another Mark about Arnold's height labeled "Dad". When I was a kid my parents marked our heights on a wall in our house in Pittsburg and it kind of warmed my heart to see the memories living in our little house. Did any of you measure your heights on the wall as kids? Or find little reminders of the former owners of your residence?

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