Hittin the cake hard

About two weeks ago I finally was able to get my stress level under control and totally lost my appetite for cake. Like I've always said I'm a savory girl, not a sweet tooth. Unfortunately Arnold and I got some bad news today. I try to make this blog about happy things, but well, sometimes bad things happen. Today was one of those days, one of our very close friends was arrested by the INS today, will be en route to Arizona tomorrow and probably will be deported shortly. I know that it is illegal to overstay your visa and all, but still I'm really sad. This friend played the music at our wedding, was one of the few people Arnold has known almost the whole time he's been in the U.S. and my business partner for three years. And even though this particular friend is one that I consistently want to strangle, it's sad because we know the struggle that lies ahead for him to re-build his life in Colombia. Plus you know, who will I focus my pent-up rage on if he's not around to tick me off? Anyways, long story short. After two weeks of cake-free bliss, I am back to the cake again... and like all addicts I was severely punished for this relapse.... I kid you not, while I was eating my cake, my tongue cramped... CRAMPED! Who the heck gets a tongue cramp? It was insanely painful, I swear I thought the fork had somehow sliced into my tongue. To Arnold's chagrin I stuck out my chocolaty tongue and forced him to inspect. It was really, really horrible for about a minute... but I mean seriously.... tongue cramp? I now hate cake again, hopefully my body will develop some other anxiety coping mechanism, like maybe perhaps, wanting to eat dark, leafy greens or to lift weights or something.... Hey, sometimes life sucks, but you can always hope something positive is around the corner, right?

So, any of you who are the praying type, please send one up for my friend, it's friggin scary to be arrested at 5 in the morning and shipped to Arizona in handcuffs. And a word to the wise, be careful when you are eating cake.

Posted on May 2, 2007 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.