The brilliant thing about having a blog is that you can pretend that you are working on your "writing" skills when you want to avoid other responsibilities such as.... term papers. As I continue battling through the eternal condemnation that is grad school I keep thinking "why didn't I listen to my Mom?" Obviously a question I try never to ask... so as not to encourage her. When we told her we were going to get M.A.'s she said...

"Don't do it. School sucks!"

This from somebody with a Master's Degree in Education. Sweet!

When I was in Denver my Aunt told me that there is no hurry in finishing/no harm in not finishing school. My Grandma says there will be no time for grad school once we buy the house. It's nice to know that should I quit, there will be a whole army of people willing to support my decision.
Posted on April 30, 2007 and filed under Maghanoy Madness, Nothing to Do with Anything.