The Nightime Diggers

As you might recall my parental units were here a few weeks ago, bringing cars, spreading merriment and doing the dirty work of house hunting. Well there was so much going on that I did not remember to recount a particularly entertaining episode with my Mom.... but background first. Our next door neighbors here seem a little... eccentric, they have been remodeling their backyard/garage thing for like a year now and last summer they did a lot of work/digging at night. At some point I think I mentioned this to my mother and joked "I think they are burying people back there", which isn't really that funny, considering that this crazy lady actually did that in this neighborhood like 20 years back. So anyways, keep this in mind for the reminder of the story. Anyways one of the nights my Mom was staying at our house she emerged from the bathroom and whispered "Oh my GOD Emily, you have to move! Your neighbors are digging!" I'm like "Oh yeah, sometimes they do that." "Emily, you HAVE TO go listen in the bathroom, they are DIGGING!" So I go into the bathroom and I hear... nothing. But my Mom persists "Don't you hear it? The digging? It's rhythmic." She starts nodding her head in time with the "digging" and my eyes drift up.... to the clock.

Classic Mom.

After I pointed this out she said "Well you should still move."

Posted on April 25, 2007 and filed under Maghanoy Madness.