Rolling with the homies

I'm back to Sacramento now and back to the absolute lunacy that is currently our grad school-house buying-post accident life but since I'm not ready to give my Denver sojourn up yet, here's one last story. On Friday night we went to visit my cousin whose house was a relative oasis of blissful calm. Based on the last visit Arnold and I paid I've come to expect exciting drama like Beagle fights but this night was just a relaxing time with family and massive amounts of artichokes. Yum! And then afterwards comes the real story. I went bar-hopping with my Uncle, it was his idea. No, seriously, it really was. My Uncle has a legendary (within the family anyways) love of the nightlife and he lives in a conveniently hip downtown neighborhood. According to my Aunt he has wanted to go out to explore the nightlife for some time and has just been waiting for the right wingman... uh, I mean company.

Now anyone who knows me knows that I am an unlikely candidate for many reasons

1) I am lazy to stay up late 2) I am already married and  have zero motivation to meet new people 3) I am pretty sure I would pass out if I had more than two drinks in a night 4) I have never ever gone to more than one bar in a night.

Last Friday I went to five bars within 3 hours.   Now of course the fun could have been the novelty of it all, but I think the best part was seeing my Uncle get progressively more excited about hanging out at night. An obvious night owl by nature we were doing community "research" on the security of the area and because my Uncle is on a local board. I think the best part of the night was when my Uncle told me "You're hanging out with the f-in King of (the neighborhood we were in) Hee!

All I could think was "I can't WAIT to tell your daughters about this"

Of course I was a disappointment on the drinking front. My Uncle pointed out that I wasn't even trying to keep up with him. I pointed out that at least I am a cheap date.

Posted on April 21, 2007 and filed under Adventures in the World, Maghanoy Madness.