Live from Denver it's McCMania!

Continuing our national tour, this week I'm in Denver, CO doing some prep work for an upcoming event and of course visiting with the Double-C side of the family. I'm not sure if I've previously blogged about these particular relatives but I think one of the interesting things about them is that they are fun, not like regular normal-paced fun, like high-octane fun. My Aunt/Uncle are both firmly in the retiree demographic, but they can out-fun anyone with one hand and two legs tied. I will be here for approx. three days and in that time I will have 1) Gone to an art museum and out to dinner 2) Gone to Happy House and the Historical Society 3) Attended a barbecue

These of course are all after-activities since I'll be working during the day. I think in these three days with them I will have more social interaction then I usually carry out during a month by myself. Awesome.

Posted on April 19, 2007 and filed under Adventures in the World.