Deep in the heart of Texas

As the little blog that could continues marching towards national domination is reporting live from San Antonio. The good news is that San Antonio is much more fun than you would expect from Texas. I of course, saint that I am, don't have anything against Texas, it's just that it is a state with a rather strange reputation. I am by the Riverwalk and somehow ended up in a hotel with a spectacular view and am currently typing this just blocks away from the Alamo. Unfortunately it is 5 am here and I am probably not going to get the opportunity to visit said Alamo because I have a full day of work ahead of me. bummer. It's hard to remember the Alamo if you don't ever see it... que no? In any case I have heard that it is very, very small. I'll let ya'll know if I get the chance to see it for myself.
In other exciting news Arnold and I have officially entered escrow on our possible future home. Yay! :) It is exciting that this time around or home-based dramas are now being based on another landlord-tenant debacle. From now on we will strictly be complaining about things breaking in the house and not knowing how to fix them rather than our landlord refusing too.
Posted on April 13, 2007 and filed under Adventures in the World.