Happy Easter!

Realizing it's Easter again, I'm thinking of how quickly things change. Last year we had just moved into this apt. were still dealing from the fallout of the last apartment and Arnold was in a credential program. This year Arnold is teacher and we are dealing with the fallout from his accident. It has been really hard, but it's Easter and today I'm looking up and staying positive. Here's a non-comprehensive list of things shallow and serious we(the fearless duo that Arnold and I compose) are thankful for: 1) Our families, maybe not perfect but always entertaining making us the envy of many. 2) Cake, OKay maybe that's just on my list but still 3) Working full time in awesome new jobs! 4) Not freezing in the crapartment 5) The fact that we made it through another year alive, normally not something I consider an achievement, but given recent events..... 6) All our equally non-perfect but always entertaining friends! 7) We are FINALLY getting ready to buy our first house

Which brings me to my next point... as you might remember the Maghanoy parental units were here last week bringing Red Thunderbirds to the rescue and helping us engage in ignoring homework-based responsibilties. Since I had to work for most of their visit Arnold, BWM and GAD took a day to hit the house-hunting path. They were with our poor realtor for more than 5 hours. I hope the weekend has helped him recover. Sample conversation....

GAD: OPen that thing over there BWm: (Shrieking) OH my God! Is it gross. GAD: NO! Just open it.

Apparetly some of the houses within our price range were quite unsettling. But two stood out as contenders which is encouraging given that despite the ridiculous mortgage we are preparing to take out we still can't afford somehting that big/nice. I shall call our two contenders by there given nicknames Cathedral Perez and Giganticor! Cathedral Perez is beautiful, there are some horrid wallpaper issues but overall it is everything we have every dreamed of in a house. Gigantacor is weird, but it's huge! I mean 1800 feet, that is a big house in California for your first house. But back to my parents....

After house-hunting-o-rama we fed the masses at New Canton (so goood!) and hit up St. Francis for Holy Thursday service. On Holy Thursday our church St. Francis holds a foot washing service in which each person has their feet washed in a symbol of humility and love and rememberance of the last supper which would have taken place the Thursday/night before Jesus' death. It's an amazing service, one of my favorites. My GAD was duly impressed. "You should stay at that church! Foot washing! Never heard of it" I forgot that the service is really long, like an hour and half so thank God nobody passed out, we had eaten A LOT of Chinese food right beforehand. As my Mom said "We stink, the four of us are repelling everyody around us." I said "It doesn't matter Mom, this is a service about Christian love and mercy, they have to deal with us."

Yes, I know this posting is a homage to really bad writing skills, sorry about that, it's been busy lately.

Anyway, per usual it was an awesome time, now they are back safe in sound in the suburbs of SoCal and we are left to address our homework. :( Boo!

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