The After

As you can see Arnold is banged up but has come through his accident with a smile on his face. Also he is a one handed wonder! Somehow he mysteriously washed the dishes last Saturday with only one good hand. And... NO! Of couse I did not ask him to do the dishes, he just did them when I was off doing something else. He is also handling the significant amount of pain that comes with two broken bones with considerable aplomb which I find surprising seeing as he is quite easily frustrated by allergies. Anyways we spent a lot of time at home over the past few days, it was kind of like a strange vacation where we just laid around and watched movies... except for the part where we went to the hopsital, fixed the car, I did a whole bunch of work to make up for the time lost to the accident and we studied for a midterm which I am pretty sure I flunked. Nevertheless it was an extended period of time at home, something I surely will not experience again for awhile due to my dearth of accrued vacation time. Anyways Arnold thanks you all for your kind wishes, prayers and thoughts. When you have a spare moment, feel free to send up a small prayer for an unaturally speedy recovery. :)

Posted on March 20, 2007 and filed under Uncategorized.