A big to-do about nothing

Live from Temecula - Some of you know that I am on a constant quest to fatten Arnold up, since... well I don't like being the chubby bunny of our little duo, but if ever I wanted to know how to do it, I could have just called my parents, they've been feeding us non-stop since we arrived yesterday morning. We went to a place called the Big Kitchen, a Rachael Ray recommendation, because whatever Rachael says goes.... of course no one had been there before and despite having learned quite awhile ago how to use the internet my Mom didn't think this was necessary. Also she talked too much so even after she got directions she missed the turnoff and basically took us on an hour detour of the San Diego area. I correctly predicted that a breakdown was imminent. When Mom continued giving "suggestions" despite her obvious ineptitude at this particular activity, my prediction was realized when my GAD had a slight hypoglycemic breakdown on the way to aforementioned Big Kitchen. I must confess he said some not very nice things about Rachael Ray, but the insanely big pancake we ate at big kitchen went over quite well. There was a lot of French being spoken there, and my Dad will be the first to tell you that he does not approve of the Frenchies and their ways. According to GAD all of Europe is one big security disaster. Despite this my GAD seems to have always handled this going to Colombia thing each year very well, so I congratulate him on that one.

Well since the Big Kitchen it's been one big food fest after another. And today we've spent the day sitting and eating and watching the Grammys. My Mom likes to cheer people on in odd ways "Go Shakira!" "I like Prince... I mean not his music... I just like him." My GAD likes to criticize people in increasingly bizarre and pointless ways "That girl is bowlegged", apparently GAD is not a Hillary Duff fan. Arnold likes to make jokes that no one understands because they can't tell when he is being sarcastic. I like to bury my face in the couch and wish that Duffy was still alive so that there would be at least one other non-insane person in the room. Oh Duffy, we miss you so!

Posted on February 11, 2007 and filed under Maghanoy Madness.