Almost Famous

Yesterday I was eating lunch with my friend, for her identity protection I usually call her "linebacker". So we're eating our BLT on Croissants and this went down... "Amelie, I think we should be on T.V." - Linebacker

"Totally! We are just as interesting as Rachael Ray! Probably more so because we're a bit more imbalanced and meaner." - Me

As we discussed possible avenues for becoming famous, a woman randomly approached and said "Can I take your picture?" My first reaction would have been, "No way, I don't want to end up on some local newspaper expose" but "Linebacker" turned to me with a maniacal smile and said "Oh my God Amelie! My time has come!"

Well if Wednesday was Linebacker's day, today was mine! I made my Spanish-language television début on Univision 6:00 p.m. news! That's right, I am a Spanish-language expert on obesity prevention and chronic disease. The best part was watching Arnold gape in awe as he slowly came to the realization that voiceover he was listening to was none other than yours truly! And since Arnold has a not-so-secret crush on a good 1 out of 3 female newscasters, I think my 15 minutes might be enough to keep him in my thrall forever!

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