Listen to your Mom

Today was an exciting week for so very many reasons, but mostly because we are still on winter break... and each week that we don't go to school I wonder what demon possessed me to think that going to grad school would be fun. Seriously, sure grad school is fun, but so is watching t.v. and taking naps, activities which are a lot less costly and time intensive, but... it's too late to stop now, so in February hi-ho hi-ho it's back to school I go. Actually it's back to school we go, since Arnold is apparently possessed of the same mental illness that propelled me towards the lunacy of getting an M.A. in Spanish. I think I should've listened to my Mom who gave this announcement the moment she graduated from her M.A. Program. "I'm done with school, I'm never going back."


Posted on January 19, 2007 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.