Future Sex/Love Show - The recap

Anybody who works in an office knows that sometimes towards the end of the day one gets tired... this usually happens for me between 3 and 4 and that's when I tell my co-workers "Okay it's time for Justin" Bless their hearts, they are very tolerant of this arrangement. Well, my friends this investment in memorizing JT lyrics paid off at the concert last Friday during the 2 1/2 hour dance-off that was the JT concert! First of all, even though the ticket I bought to go see my imaginary boyfriend was exorbitantly expensive, it was worth every penny because I was LOSING my mind with excitement through the thing. Seriously the dancing alone was worth the admission, plus our seats were AWESOME! Admittedly it is hard to get bad tickets in Arco Arena because it's not that big of a venue but still, we ended up sitting right next to the box seats! We could practically see his facial expressions! From our seats! Needless to say he is hot, and taller than one would expect.

Of course there were downsides to this arrangement such as the freak show who spent the night telling my friend "You are so hot, Cameron Diaz has nothing on you." She was like, "Shut up your making me miss out on "Senorita". I don't blame him though, Sara is really hot and of course she was super-sauced out for the girlfest which is a JT concert.

I also had my friend Shenagle reporting from the floor where I am sure she spent the concert elbowing 12 year olds out of the way. Though honestly what kind of parent brings their not-even teenage daughters to a concert titled "FutureSex/Love Show"? I know JT used to be a N'Syncer and all, but still it was definitely not something I would bring my young children too, if only because I would rather they be adults when they ruin their hearing. Not to mention I was seated next to a weirdo who alternated screaming "Justin take off your pants" and.. let's just call it "heavy petting" with her boyfriend.

Alright then. 

Arnold is rather tolerant of this whole JT infatuation but I doubt hearing me scream lewd things in public would inspire much of a positive reaction. Maybe I am just aging prematurely though, it's totally possible, by the time Sexyback started I was thinking, "My back hurts". I know, lame, but I blame it on Justin being awesome enough to give a 2 1/2 hour concert.

Also... and I can't believe I almost forgot this, Timbaland showed up at our concert! So in addition to getting to hear SexyBack the way one should, we also got a 15 minute intermission with Timbaland mixing all the people he produces, which is well, everybody. So there you go people, JT concert, five stars! I encourage you all to bust out your CDs and get your Sexy ON!

Posted on January 14, 2007 and filed under Bossy Pants Recommends.