Look, no hands!

I think I'm officially a klutz, which I know is weird seeing as I worked as a dance instructor for three years. But in addition to my long tradition of not completely turning corners when I turn them and falling down stairs I can now add, non-motion klutziness to my resumé. I went to Renee's house on Saturday and was helping out decorating their Christmas tree. It was pretty fun seeing as she has a daughter and I haven't decorated a real tree for almost ten years now. So I'm helping hang the ornaments and as I am standing there holding an ornament I started thinking about how fragile it was and how I shouldn't drop it And then I dropped it.

I wasn't moving around at all, not walking, not even moving my hands.

My MIND is klutzy.

I am able to commit acts of klutziness without actually moving, apparently just thinking about ridiculous accidents is enough. As the ornament shattered all over the floor, my friend's daughter looked at me and said "Maybe you should hang these instead" and then she handed me a bag full of felt ornaments.

Posted on November 27, 2006 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.