As I alluded in an earlier post, Arnold and I are planning on hitting the Caribbean coast on our next sojourn to Locombia later this year. To facilitate this trip we've been trying to buy internal tickets to the coast and the other cities we need to visit, unfortunately since we are pretending to be rich flying all over Colombia we needed to get a good price on these tickets, which meant, we needed to pay in pesos. For some reason buying something in dollars, doubles the price. Yet again, unfortunately for whatever reasons of security one cannot buy things in pesos with a foreign credit card over the phone. One can do this in Colombia, just not over the phone. So after many attempts to bamboozle various airline representatives into accepting our credit card we asked a friend to pay for us and then we would wire them the money... good friends, huh? In the U.S. this wouldn't be too big of a deal, except that credit is notoriously usurious and difficult to get in Latin America. Honestly I was surprised our friends were even able to get a credit card, I would have assumed that only the filthy rich would have those down there.

So our awesome friends volunteer to do us this favor, but when we call them the next day we found out there was a slight hitch... they didn't have enough credit to buy the tickets, not surprising since the cost of the tickets we are buying is probably equal to a couple of months salary in Colombia. So, because they knew we would lose our reservation they asked someone else they know to buy the tickets for us and this person AGREED! Somebody in Colombia that we don't know bought us our tickets on their personal credit card on our friends word that we would wire the money later. I can't even imagine doing that for a stranger mostly because I wouldn't. I feel very lucky and maybe a little inspired to be a little more generous myself.

Posted on October 29, 2006 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.