These are my confessions

Like any good Christian girl, I understand the power of confession, getting something off your chest, receiving forgiveness, atoning for what you did wrong and processing how to take steps to not sin again. Amen. So my dear readers I must CONFESS that not only did I play hooky from school today, I ENJOYED IT! Ha! Got you, I know you were all looking for something juicier. Anyways, I did play hooky, hopping a train to Martinez to spend the day lazing around with my Grandma, cousin Sage and baby niece Dora. I have to say living life at the pace of a toddler is bliss. There was lots of non-sensical play and laughing, occasional naps and all day snack sessions. What more could one want? The occasional unwarranted hysteria is a down side, but I would say that Dora was on exceptionally good behavior as I can't remember her screaming at all today. Plus I successfully taught her how to make dolphin sounds on command. Sweet!

However I think the most hear-pumping part of the day was re-creating my "Almost missed my flight home from Ontario" fiasco at the Martinez train station by cutting it too close (as usual) causing me to have to run around looking for the train as if I were auditioning for Home Alone Part 3. Seriously it was exactly the same as what happened at the Ontario airport, including getting slightly lost and making a wrong turn just as the terminal came into view. Thanks to my exceptional good luck re: arriving too late and still getting on modes of mass transportation I made it home on time, with blog fodder in my pocket. Rock on! Tomorrow my new piano is coming.  I'd have to say it was a good day.

Posted on October 9, 2006 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.