Random Bits and Indian Pool Party

Well I've been a lazy blogger lately, but there has been a significant development in the cell phone saga. I am once again with phone! My number works, and I have even figured out voice mail! Now to just start the tedious job of loading the numbers. I have now gone one month without a cell phone and I didn't really miss it at all. I mean it was extremely inconvenient at the airport. Once I almost missed a flight to Seattle and had no idea how I was going to call my cousin and warn her not to pick me up, but other than that you know... it was fine. OH, yeah except when I had to call Arnold from a hotel in San Diego and they charged me $8.32 for a 30 second call. Good grief!

In unrelated news, in a fit of unbridled optimism Arnold and I have joined the gym. I'm not sure why we did it, maybe it's despair over our lack of excercise, or this lingering addiction to swimming but we are now gym members forEVER, we got the pre-paid membership. And surprisingly we've gone. Hopefully that will last when school starts. We'll see. But... I have to toot my horn here a bit, I've built up enough strength to do one push up. ONE! And not the wussy on your knees crap, I'm talking full plank, bending your arms to a 90 degree angle military style glory!

And I am sad to say that my Gma will no longer be making guest appearances on the blog as she did NOT (capitalization, her emphasis, not mine) appreciate earlier references to her. Plus as she told me a blog is "all evil, mean stories" so no more quotes from Gma. Too bad to since she burned Arnold good last time we visited. Normally I would protest such blatant censorship but to be fair at 85 she should get her way at least some of the time. Bye Gma, maghanoy.com will miss you dearly!

And that's the news from Maghanoylandia! Here's a clip, courtesy of Kuarzy... man sometimes I wish I was Indian...


Posted on August 28, 2006 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.