I got attacked by a flying cat.

Arnold is pet-sitting a friend's kitten for the month and I think the cat might be trying to kill me. The second we open the foyer door it starts screaming and sticking its arm under the door. Then when we get in it starts running around like a whirling dervish while simultaneously giving me the evil eye. I swear I can see it plotting its attack. Then at some point it bites me, you know, just for fun. But today the el gatito has taken this insanity to a whole new level. As the little devil was getting his excercise by attacking our friends furniture he accidentally got overzealous and slammed himself headlong into a chair so hard that he flipped over and ended up underneath. That's when I provoked the king of darkness by laughing at him...

The lunatic turned around, stared at me and then I swear to God he ran out and took a flying leap at my leg from like four feet away. It was crazy, like he had all his feet splayed out at his sides. Seriously, Arnold was there, you can ask him.

Unfortunately for Mr. Kitty miscalculated the distance fell short of my leg and ended up rolling on the ground. Ha ha! I'm still smarter than cats, thank God!

His name is algodon (sic cotton ball)

Posted on August 11, 2006 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.