Like a rock

"It's hard to be mad at (friend who will not be named). It's like being mad at a rock, it's useless and he'll never change." -Arnold I haven't had much to say lately on the blog, because... well I haven't felt particularly funny. In case people haven't noticed, I try to make it funny. Or at the very least amusing, but lately I've felt uninspired. Plus if this blog turns angsty, it's a bad thing. I am no longer a teenager and angst is inappropriate until I am at an age suitable for a mid-life crisis. Every once in a while I'd like to claim a quarter-life crisis but I think I had one about two years ago, so well, no more angst.

Last weekend I got to see my baby cousin Dora. Since we saw her in June she has started walking... fast. I mean she walks like a pigeon-toed cowboy, but still she moves fast! Also she seems to make a lot more noise. Although I think she was quite well-behaved the day I saw her, she does scream if people do not immediately do what she wants. And I think I'm a little jealous of that, I mean it would be so pleasing that every time things went wrong I cold just SCREAM at the top of my lungs and then it would be fixed. In just a day I could solve so many problems if screaming at the top of my lungs was an acceptable solution. It would be great...

Dream sequence....

"MLE, I can't show up to play the wedding with you today, I'm still drunk from last night and I didn't bring my guitar." - Friend who resembles a rock who

"Aaaaaaaaaagh" -Me

"You're right. I'm an asshole, I'll call my friend and ask him to bring my guitar. Also I'm sorry." - "Rock" like person.

Oh it would be so sweet! Alas apparently screaming is not socially acceptable after the age of 5 or so. Although I would've liked to scream at, or strangle for that matter my rock-like friend I'm going to have to take it as yet another opportunity to "let things go" and "accept that some people don't change." Embarrassingly, these are two phrases I hear often from my supervisor when he's attempting to keep me from going ballistic over bad news. So what's the point? A message to my baby cousin... Enjoy the screaming while you can, after 5 it's not going to work anymore! :)

Posted on August 9, 2006 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.