The stages of grief

Disbelief "I can't believe it's really gone"Anger *&*&^&^%$#%&*&* I can't believe I lost it!!!!! Sadness "My phone was so sweet and little, and had all my important numbers"

A small regression to Anger

"I can't believe it's gonna cost me $100 to replace it!

And now... Acceptance. My phone is happily traveling the world without me. I must accept my loss and move on.

Also Justy's boyfriend generously offered to give me one of his old phones, so not having to pay $100 helped out the process. Thanks Ching! Yup Justy's boyfriend's name is Ching. As Hizuru says He is his own self-contained racial slur!

In other daily news I swam almost half a mile in swim class today. I feel incredibly pleased with myself. Lisa suggested I do a triathalon which sounded like fun until I learned where the triathlon is taking place... in open water... dum, dum, da dah!

Lisa - It might be scary for you. It's open water. MLE- I'll ignore that you are calling me a chicken, since it's true. Open water is disgusting. Where's it gonna be? Lisa - Rancho Seco. MLE- Isn't that a nuclear power plant Lisa -Yeah, I think I'm going to emerge from the water with a third eye MLE- Gills would be better. Like in Harry Potter.

Posted on July 31, 2006 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.