Blackberry Sorbet

We've taken Mom and Gma on a tour of the highlights of SacTown, i.e. Arnold's new school, the crème brûlée at Lucca's. Obviously we have been to the new house seeing as Gma might pass out at the typical inside temperature of 105 degrees(this number is not enhanced by hyperbole, I read it on our temperature gauge). Gma has been hilariously bizarre in her observations, at Lucca's she ordered her chardonnay blackberry sorbet by saying "Oh whatever, I'll have that" as if she were ordering vanilla fro-yo. She might have well added "Since you don't have a better selection". I think the heat is getting to her. To her credit though, right before the server announced that blackberry sorbet was today's special we had discusd how I broke out in hives instantaneously the first time I had blackberry pie as a child. Ewww.

Posted on July 22, 2006 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.