Plantain Experts

So last weekend we went to visit my Grandma. Arnold and I try to go at least once a month to visit. Usually we always do the same thing. We eat out one night, walk around a little, talk a lot, eat too much chocolate and watch t.v. It's basically our favorite way to spend a weekend. Anyways, so on Saturday night Grandma suggested that we try out a new Cuban restaurant called Havana. Although I was torn between something new and Dragon 2000 our classic standby, I agreed... We get to the restaurant where my Gma(this is how she refers to herself, as if she was a hip-hop star) is really excited because plantains are on the menu. When our poor innocent waitress starts explaining about plantains to my Gma, I see something rising up behind her eyes. She points to herself and Arnold and says:

"We're from South America" i.e. I am a plantain EXPERT.

Uhm, hullo, what about me? Not to mention my Gma is from Panama which is part of CENTRAL America. Seriously! This only confirms that Gma likes Arnold more than me. Of course my outburst was only a source of enjoyment for my Gma and Arnold who spent the rest of the night ganging up against me and making pitying remarks about the minorities who are not from South America. Come to think of it, I think Arnold likes visiting my family because they can't handle me one on one and need to gang up against me to win an argument. Sample conversation:

Gma: Isn't MLE difficult and stubborn.

Arnold: Yeah, she's the worst.

Then they hug and giggle while Gma serves Arnold more cookies and coffee. Like and addict and an enabler they sit around discussing the merits of caffeine and sugar. Ah, the joys of family.

Posted on July 8, 2006 and filed under Maghanoy Madness.